Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anti-spyware software

AVG Anti-Spyware Free for 3 Months (Genuine)
.Kaspersky provides state-of-the art protection, but it's unbeatable if you combine it with the best-ever anti-spyware Ewido (now AVG Anti-Spyware).What's Bad ?AVG has combined Ewido with their Internet Security suite and independent download of Ewido is not available.We are all using Kaspersky, we do not want to install AVG Internet Security just to use Ewido, of course.So What to do ?
What's Good ?
AVG is giving a free download of Ewido (AVG Anti-Spyware) with a genuine license of 3 months !

If you want to get AVG's other products (which I think you will not want, b'cause you're using Kaspersky !), you can get them here:
Free AVG Antivirus Professional with 90-day License
[39 MB]
FREE AVG Anti-Spy with 90-day License
[12 MB]
FREE AVG Internet Security with 60-day License
[56 MB]

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