Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Windows 7 Build

Redmond is still running low on Joe the plumbers as another Windows 7 leak surfaces today.Builds superseding 7100 are from the RTM branch. The first one offered to third-partytesters outside of Redmond via Microsoft Connect is Build 7127. From RC, Windows 7 willevolve straight to RTM, the software giant has confirmed.

Release name: Microsoft.Windows.7.Build.7127.x86.DVD-iND
Release date: 2009-05-17
Release size: 51x50M
File names: ind-win7-7127-x86.rar
Product keys (same as all other previous builds):
Note: These keys will only work if you install the "Ultimate" edition!

download Torrent(32 bit)

Download Torrent(64 bit)

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