Monday, March 30, 2009

10 -The most Hype class

If you have been a victim of the brutal Indian Education System ,You would probably realise what i am going to speak about.Well if you aren't, you will get it anyway.

I recently passed 9 grade.It was a smooth sailing for me in that class.But now i am in 10 class and form the first day only the school has started pressurising the students about the boards which are nothing but an exam which is held in the whole country by the government's education instituion.The school is in a hurry to finish things off.What they have forgotten in the middle of this blind race is that SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.Though it is a very common quote,it has a very strong meaning and significance in real life.My experiences in this class hasn't been quite nice.Whats so great about it anyway.The only difference that i see in the board exam is that it you got to go to another school to give the exam and the checking is done by people appointed by the CBSE.
If option given i would skip 10.The school tends to really suck out the fun and joy out of one's life .Today was the last exam for the 10 batch which was appearing for the boards.I was kinds of jealous at seeing them like this,but inside me i do know that my time will also come.

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