Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bombay is rocking in the literal sense

Today and yesterday what happened in mumbai was really shocking.People died in huge numbers and injured were even more.Its just a bit to hard to grasp the fact that how one can possibly come from the coast with loads of ammunition and the coast guard doing nothing.After that they passed by the india gate where there had been bomb blasts a decade back and certainly there should have been security.This was one thing.second they come in a vehicle and open fire on the people and get into the best hotel which keeps even the VVIPs without much of a problem and continue killing more and more people.How vulnerable our country is?
As the shooting still goes on in mumbai it seems disastrous that such a thing happened.Every time anything such happens the army is called out inspite of the fact that they are not trained to do such things.It s the job of the police in which ,surely they fail miserably.The most dangerous job is done by the NSG.The men in black do have a great deal of courage.
First the government doesn't care to give the armymen their dues and then they seek help from them every time.This is certainly not justified and fair of them to do.

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